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Did you know that when my friends the Horses are finished racing or working and retired they are routinely shipped to kill pens and held there until they are shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered for meat. The good news is that 29 years ago my Hero Judy Bokman and her partner Paula Campbell, created the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, SRF
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This blessed compassionate organization provides hands on humane care and services for horses in need of lifetime homes and in crisis. They provide rehabilitation, training, adoption, lifelong follow-up, as well as a lifetime sanctuary for many horses at two of their farms. The SRA also offers therapeutic equine opportunities for children, and adults. The Foundation has helped over 3,000 Horses be adopted. Please visit their website to hear the full story and view the wide range of their hard work and success with animals and humans. You can easily donate and support their efforts, which are far-reaching. Donate and ………… Tilt The World in a Better Direction.   geno website





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