Seer Farms………… keeping families together and animals’ safe.

geno websiteI want to tell you about a very special place Seer Farms. The people at Seer Farm are committed to protecting the sacred link between humans and their animals and  the benefits gained by both. Seer Farm provides a safety net and support for people and their animals during a life crisis such as domestic violence, financial turmoil, a health crisis, natural disasters, and military service. They step in to care for the animals  lessening the impact of the crisis on the families and  the animals. Their primary objective is to help reunite them.  What makes Seer Farm so special is they fill the void that exists between human social services and animal care services by connecting them. Seer Farms provides support and resources to help people in crisis to recover and become self-sufficient. So families can be reunited with their animals. Please visit them to find out more and how you can support this special place. Thank you. Your Animal Buddy Geno committed to building connection between humans and animals to tip the world in a better direction.

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