Horses Majestic Beings With Deep Felt Sensory Awareness………………….

geno website 1There is something special about horses. They are majestic, powerful, playful and beautiful. When humans take the time to get to know them, they can easily experience the depth of their kindness and friendship. Horses have a deep felt sensory awareness of what is happening within and around them. They live completely in the moment deeply connected to their environment and other living beings. When horses interact with humans, they can immediately respond to their emotions and energetic states good and bad. This connection provides humans with the type of feedback to learn and expand their power and use of sensory awareness. Many programs are available to help humans make a connection to these energetic being to receive the benefits of communicating with them.
Here is some good news abbot these majestic creatures. The Humane Society Legislative Fund, the government affairs affiliate of the Humane Society of the U.S., worked with animal protection champions in both Houses and other stakeholders to secure animal victories in the 2018 federal budget. Victories include preventing the slaughter of wild horses and burros. The budget also adds another $2 million for USDA enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act. Another great victory is the addition of $5 million to train and provide therapeutic service dogs for veterans and soldiers. You see there is so much to gain by connecting to all of Mother Earth’s creatures. The connection is beneficial to all and helps protect Mother Earth. “Geno Speaks”


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