Living Proof Heroes do exists………….

Fraidy Reiss Warrior and Angel…………Unchained At Last,

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Fraidy Reiss is forced-marriage survivor and the founder of Unchained At Last,  Her life is  dedicated to helping women and girls in the United States to escape and put an end to forced child marriage. Forced or not, marriage before 18 leads to devastating consequences for girls. The U.S. State Department call it a “human rights abuse.” Unchained is the only nonprofit dedicated to helping women and girls in the US to escape or resist arranged/forced marriages and rebuild their lives. Unchained also is the only nonprofit dedicated to promoting social policy,legal changes and legislation to end forced and child marriage in America.
Fraidy  was trapped in an abusive marriage and denied reproductive, financial and legal rights for 12 years. She was forced into an arranged marriage to a total stranger. A stranger who she discovered a week after her wedding, was violent. Through her great courage and fortitude, she escaped along with her two daughters. All done with no support from her family or community. Over a decade later she is still, consider dead to them.
To the world she is alive. She is  a  great fearless Leader. It is with great honor and appreciation  that Fraidy Reiss and Unchained are placed on our Wall of Heroes. Visit Unchained At Last website to  support her efforts and gain insights and knowledge. She is living proof that Heroes do exists. She is truly one of Margie’s Daughter.



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