Stop Buying Down and Mohair…………..

geno website 1Hi all, I want to speak on behalf of my friends ducks, geese, and goats. Did you know to produce down products companies use feathers plucked from the bodies of live birds? Their feathers violently plucked as they move down a production line. They are left bleeding. My friends the goats are also suffering from the production of mohair products. As they move through a production process Goats must endure a violent and bloody shearing. All of this done so humans can have products made with down and mohair. With so many alternatives products readily available it is hard for me to understand why this is still happening.
There is some good news according to PETA, more than 185 leading retailers worldwide have agreed to stop selling mohair products. Use your power to end this cruel and unnecessary treatment of animals.  Stop buying products made from feathers and mohair. There are plenty other choices. When humans make the choice to stop buying, retailers will stop selling them. It is just that simple.  Mother Earth thanks you. Use your power to tilt the world in a better direction. It is just that simple.

full length of a goat   Thank you=Your Buddy Geno



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