Greyhounds in need of Homes.

photo grayhound
A Greyhounds Eyes are covered before a race. This is a standard practice.
The Canidrome Greyhoud  racetrack located in Macau in Asia  is notorious for its brutal conditions and treatment of these gentile animals. It has been reported the track euthanized 30 greyhounds per month. It closed it doors in July of 2018 leaving 600 Greyhounds homeless. The National Greyhound Adoption Program located in Philadelphia U.S.A. has pledged to accept and help place in permanent homes over 100 dogs. Dave Wolf who leads the organization since 1990 has already accepted 33 taking more from the Canidrome track than any other organization in the world. This nonprofit facility is the “best in the nation” and can comfortably house and care for 100 dogs. A veterinary clinic adjoins the facility. Those who want to adopt a greyhound or donate to assist can contact The National Greyhound Adoption Program through its website,, or by calling 215-331-7918. 
geno website 1Dave Wolf, 79  a true Hero, started the National Greyhound Adoption Program in 1990 after a chance encounter during a Florida vacation. It all began for Dave at a Greyhound racetrack in Hollywood, Florida. He met a man who raced them and bragged about  how he disposed of losing dogs at medical laboratories for $20 to cut his losses. This encounter ignited and has fueled Dave Wolf’s  commitment to  rescuing these gentle souls ever since. Some good news Florida will no longer have Greyhound racetracks after voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to phase out dog racing by 2021. That will end races at Florida’s 11 racetracks. There are six active U.S. racetracks remaining in five states: Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Texas and West VirginiaVisit and help tilt the world in a better direction. Your Buddy Geno……………………

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