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Margie’s Daughter is a portal to the carriers of knowledge and  life skills that walk with us in our neighborhoods, communities and families. People who demonstrate through everyday actions fortitude, connection and solutions. For centuries core knowledge  was passed along to all  in this manner. Margie’s Daughter is committed to redefining the meaning of celebrity in order to create a balance. It is our goal to prevent grounded wisdom and life skills from being lost and swallowed up by sound bites. Subscribe to meet ordinary people who Tilt the  World in a Better Direction. Visit our Wall of Heroes to connect with them and support their efforts. Meet Margie connect with her spirit, great wisdom and simple solutions. Join the conversation on our Blog Filomena Sez and practice hearing the echo of your voice. Start your journey to self discovery  through THE POWER IS REALLY YOURS. Learn simple steps that place you in the driver’s seat of life.
Meet Geno connect to his spirit. Hear of his efforts to support and prevent cruelty to all that live on  Mother Earth. Explore the wisdom and balance  gained by connecting to all living beings.geno website 1

 It is just that simple…………….

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