Three Stories of Survival & Rebirth.

geno website 2Three stories of survival and rebirth of humans and animals working to support Mother Earth.

Rare Breed on Road to Comeback……….. Exmoor Ponies a rare and ancient breed.The Exmoor pony inhabits an area in England bordered by Devon and Somerset counties. They are currently listed as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. This ancient breed of ponies originates from the prehistoric horse that trekked from Alaska to Great Britain 130,000 years ago. Currently about 150 Exmoor ponies are roaming free on the moor and countryside. Numerous ponies are being reared on farms throughout the United Kingdom. All of these efforts are directed to support the breeds come back.

Presumed Extinct Dog Species Rediscovered……………………….ancient dog
The New Guinea highland wild dog had gone extinct in its native habitat. The great news is that researchers have now confirmed the existence of a healthy, viable population of this ancient breed. They have been located hidden on an island in one of the most remote and inhospitable regions on Earth. According to DNA analysis, these are the most ancient and primitive  (dogs) in existence. The discovery and confirmation of highland wild dog  existence is a first in over half a century. The group behind the discovery is the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation.

Planting a forest

Border Collies to the rescue. Forest fires in Chile in the EI Maule region ravaged vast amounts of land destroying the forest and  numerous sturdy older trees. Three border collies belonging to Francisca Torres, a member of the environmental nonprofit Pewos, have been enlisted to wander through the charred remains. These remarkable dogs are fitted with special satchels that spray seeds. As they run through the charred remains the dogs sow seedlings, grass and flowers. The major goal of this effort is create a habitat for the return of animals that fled the fires. The Border collie  was bred to herd sheep. These working dogs are smart and fast. They can cover a much larger area than a human could on foot spreading the seed to cultivate and rebuild this habitat.   Your Buddy Geno. @Geno Speaks…….


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