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cropped-pexels-photo-556666Redeem-Her, is nonprofit organization birthed in 2003 by two women incarcerated behind the walls of the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in New Jersey. They recognized first hand that women returning to society needed support upon release to succeed. Redeem-Her mission is to give incarcerated women a second chance in life. In 2005 a Board of Trustees was established and Redeem-Her was incorporated as a 501(c) 3 non-profit. In the fall of 2008. Redeem-Her also offers transitional housing to women in reentry. Women that reside there have returned from jail, prison, or rehab. All who live in the house must have a job, practice a strong recovery program and abide by all house rules, parole and probation.
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I was blessed with the opportunity to start my journey at Redeem-Her’s transitional house. They opened their doors to me when there was literally nowhere else for me to turn. For the first time in many dark and painful years of addiction—I felt hope and I felt safe. I have been clean and sober ever since. The love, acceptance, support, and encouragement I received helped me to feel a part of something for the first time in my life. Soon after moving into the house, I began working at Second Chances Thrift Store. There, I learned how to show up and be accountable, productive, and responsible. Even before my addiction, these were not qualities that I possessed.” Faith P. Donate @REDEEM-HER.ORG. Visit their website to explore how they are “Tilting The World in a Better Direction” margiesdaughter.com

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