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Criticism a dead end path……..


I have noticed of late that people are using criticism  as their preferred style of communication to advance their point, unleash anger, and deflect accountability. To further compound the negative cycle of criticism it is used under the banner of humor and honesty. A steady steam of  negative talk  can easily morph  into an attack. Criticism as a strategy destroys the art of  dialogue and two-way communications replacing it with a monologue. Sound communication is short-circuited. Connections with people are broken greatly damaging consensus building. Positive and effective problem solving and solutions evaporate replaced by one-way sound bites. We need to keep our radar functioning to weed out and guard against those that chose this path.  My Mother raised me with the gift of praise and the lessons and benefits learned from using it. She firmly believed and lived her life with the knowledge “that you get a lot further with a little sugar than a stick.”   Remember the choice is always ours.  It is just that simple. margiesdaughter.com

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