Conversations with My Mother

The Art of Mutual Respect………..

I was given two great gifts in life. First, I was raised to see similarities between people not differences and encouraged to build connections with those different from me. The other was My Mother Margie’s golden rule “If you do not have something nice to say about another person. Say nothing at all”. By practicing  these simple rules our ability to connect with others is greatly enhanced. We learn the art of mutual respect.
Let us  start a campaign to measure our words and encourage positive speak at every opportunity. If we can not, to quote My Mother Margie “say nothing at all”.  Remember sound leaders do not reside at the top. They stand next to us and walk among us in our families, neighborhoods and communities. They percolate up from the ranks of the ordinary.  They are the most powerful link to sound wisdom and judgement. All we have to do is reach out to touch them. Or be lucky enough to sit at Her table.  It is just that simple.  Thanks Mom.  Margie’s Daughter…………………….

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