Conversations with My Mother

The Power of A Mother’s Son.

tilt shift lens photography of woman wearing red sweater and white skirt while holding a boy wearing white and black crew neck shirt and blue denim short

It was my practice growing up to shadow my Mother around as she moved through the world encountering others. She seemed to float through  life upon continuous stream of energy. For me these were journeys of exploration and discovery as she unfolded her grounded wisdom to me. Often on our journeys, she would motion with her head towards a male saying now that is “A Mother’s Son”. Her voice filled with respect and admiration. She used that emblem for males of all ages and races who moved through the world in perfect balance. Males who operated from a core power of maternal strength and energy. It was apparent to me that their self-confidence came from a font of respect not dominance. She never had to explain it to me as she pointed them out. I could sense and feel the difference. They clearly stood out from other males. They were comfortable in the duality of their nature, which defines us all.
Since I was allowed to be the seeker. I asked her. How is a Mother’s Son different from a Mama’s Boy? Her response and tone had no judgment but rather pity. A Mama’s Boy is raised to meet his Mothers’ needs and she gives him only one leg to stand on. Therefore, he remains a boy his entire life. He lives life waiting to be served and cared for on all levels. Since, he was never given the power of his voice. He will spend his life screaming and shouting at others to be heard. Respect for others will continually get away from him with women experiencing the worst consequences. Remember, a Father can also produce the same results in a son for the exact same reasons. A male with just one leg to stand on who remains a boy his whole life. It is just that simple…………………………… Thanks Mom

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