Conversations with My Mother

My Mother My HERO……………..

phot websiteI was never told to be more or asked to be less. I was known to the world as Margie’s Daughter. It is the emblem of my legacy. She clearly placed me in the driver’s seat of my life. She taught me how to use my mind, to learn and to think. She demonstrated by her daily actions and deeds courage and fortitude doing it as effortlessly as breathing.
She was an iconic figure. A single mother that moved through our community and family wrapped in great humility and natural leadership. She faced all of life’s challenges head on with creative solutions and great humor. There was no room in her world for idle chatter and gossip.  She gave me the opportunity to disagree, defend and learn all in safe, loving environment. She taught me how to defend myself, think on my feet, and problem solve. She consistently demonstrated to me that my words were important. She gave me the greatest gift of all the power to hear my own voice.
She was on equal footing with whomever she encountered regardless of their level of education or status in life. She knew exactly who she was. She had that rare quality of connecting with people and making them feel special, especially those different from her. She adopted many sons and daughters over the years. She was coined by many as “Lady Margaret”. She was ranked as first round draft pick for mother-in-law. Her outlook was forever young and hip. She lives on through all those she loved and all that loved her. That is quite considerable.  She is My Mother & My Hero….I am Margie’s Daughter……It is just that simple.Thanks Mom
A Love Letter to All Mothers…………

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A Mother’s Son ………….
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