Conversations with My Mother

Whose voice are we hearing ?

What I look like does not define who I am.  I leaned that powerful lesson at age two, as I discovered hearing my own voice.  The voice that was percolating up from inside of me bubbling  up from my thoughts, feeling and most importantly dreams. As I matured, it was easy to be comfortable in my own skin.  Reassurance was supplied by my thoughts resonating through my mind. A deep connection to  who I really am was cemented.  I assumed my place in the driver’s seat of my life discovering answers and solutions on the journey. This solid connection became the source of my creativity and I realized it had no limits. It is the fuel that powers my intellect and energizes my heart. I was given the great gift. I was defined from the inside out. It is just that simple. Thanks Mom for giving me the space to find it.


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