A Free Prescription for Sound Health.

A potent prescription that produces sound health and happiness starts by making heartfelt connections with others. Our brains and bodies are continually undergoing complex chemical changes that are easily affected by our daily actions. In fact, happiness and feeling good is largely a chemical formula generated in our brain. Simple acts of kindness starts our brain pumping a steady supply of feel good hormones like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.  It only takes thoughts of loving kindness to bring on the dopamine high. Oxytocin is primarily linked with loving touch and close relationships. This hormone stimulates dopamine and serotonin, and naturally reduces anxiety. To get your hit of oxytocin give someone a cuddle preferbly someone you know. Hugging a pet or another living creature also works. Soon feel good hormones are pulsing through our blood stream.  To maximize the prescription’s potency just add a smile. Besides the prescription is free.  It is just that simple. THE POWER REALLY IS YOURS………..   



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