Making Friends with Our Brain…..

photo of head bust print artwork

Our brain makes it possible for us to live and interact with the world that surrounds us. It enables us to think, feel, see, hear, form memories, show emotion, love, and most importantly breathe. It is perfectly designed to regulate all of our bodily functions. Our brain is the control center for our heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. In addition, it stores our values, beliefs, memories all while coordinating our muscles and bodily movements. Our brain is linked to every cell in our body by a vast communications network of billions of miles of interconnected nerves. Our body’s high tech communication network instantly conveys information between our brain and our immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. Our sensory perceptual channels (five senses) are portals into this vast communication network. Our breath is a direct link. To explore and connect with the power of your brain click  THE POWER IS REALLY YOURS It is just that simple…………………….The choice is always yours………………………..


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