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Who really gains by being defined by the past?

Did you ever encounter or have a relationship with a person who continually needs to define you by the past. I often wonder who really benefits from such a dynamic? By allowing ourselves to be defined by the past, we short-circuit our energy for progress, change and forward movement in our life.  We deprive ourselves  of the necessary room for growth in a new and better direction. In the present we operate from a position of exploration and adventure freed from past baggage.  We learn to accept change as a positive force regardless of the circumstance that produce it. We always remain current. To support our efforts to stay current connect with people who give joy, comfort and are fun. Remember change is a good thing. When we spend time with people caught up in the past, we are blocked from living our life to its fullest. Close the door on them and run towards the present to discover who you really are. It is just that simple…….margiesdaughter.com


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