A 5 Minute Break from Sitting a Gift to Our Heart…………………….

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Sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for our heart even for people who get regular exercise. However, we do have the power to reverse the damage. A study was conducted at Western State Colorado University of middle-aged men and women who engaged in regular exercise but  sat at least six hours per day. At the start all had unhealthy markers for heart health. Now here is the good news. By taking 5-minute movement break once every hour of sitting for one week all participants had the following improvements. HDL cholesterol increased by 21.2 (that is the good stuff),Triglycerides decreased by 24.6, Blood glucose decreased by 6.1, Blood pressure dropped 6-12 points. When those in the study stopped taking five-minute movement breaks for just one week the benefits were reversedChange is always just one step away. Start by using as a timer. Set it to go off every hour and start moving. Put on some music and start dancing. It is just that simple.
 Now that is power……

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