Conversations with My Mother

“Conversations with My Mother”

Is a cornerstone of  our Blog Filomena Sez, it passes along to the reader solid life skills and lessons  learned  at the knee of my Mother Margie. I was raised to meet my expectations not hers. I was never told to be more or asked to be less. I was taught how to think not told what to do. I was given the freedom to find and hear my own voice. The one that percolates up from inside of all of us.  She gave me a great gift. I was allowed to develop  from the inside out.  Travel the path with Margie’s Daughter. Allow us to pass the baton of core strength and power to you. Learn the art of hearing  and connecting to your own voice.
My Mother’s  was on equal footing with whomever she encountered regardless of their level of education or status in life. She found great joy in practicing the art of problems solving and mastering all challenges.  She  lived completely in the moment and evolved from the ranks of the ordinary. She was grounded in herself and knew exactly who she was.  She clearly heard and listen to her own voice. It was the radar that shaped how she lived her life.  It was a gift that was given to her and she passed it to me. The passing of the baton of wisdom is the core to a  a well functioning and connected world. We are all stabilized and grounded by it. Meet Margie It is the path to Discovery, Connection and Change. It is just that simple…………………………..


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