A Story of Hope to Save Bears………..

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I want to share some exciting news about efforts to save Black and Panda Bears.  Scientists from China and United States are working together  to release  in to the wild Panda Bears raised in captivity. Ben Kilham from New Hampshire has for 20 years successfully raised orphaned black bear cubs and released them back into the wild. The Kilman Bear Center is an approved IRS 501(c)(3). You can visit Ben and the Bears  To support the Panda project and his commitment to save Bears. Ben has recommended the American conservationist and biologist Jake Owens  to supervise the Pandas release. Ben calls him the Indiana Jones of biologist. This is a great example of cross cultural solidarity and team work. It provides hope that humans can work together to save Mother Earth.  The Kilman Bear Center has been added to our Wall of Heroes so all can continue to connect with Ben and support his efforts.  Thank you Ben for tilting the world in a better direction. —— Geno Speaks




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