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Infatuation a State with No Substance.

I often wonder about the state of infatuation and what is gained by practicing it. Infatuation is defined as falling in love or becoming extremely interested in someone or something for a short period of time. It is a state that upon onset is strong and intense. Infatuation takes many forms and shapes. We can become infatuated with a person, an action, a thing, a behavior and a food. Infatuation can cause us to act foolishly depriving us of sound judgment and reason. We can easily be swept away and consumed by infatuation stumbling into life’s danger zones. Just by making space to explore and understand our needs, wants, and desires, a powerful shift occurs. We are provided with the opportunity to  define them rather than them defining us. As a result we can not be swept away by infatuation. We develop  the skills  to skip over, through and around it. It is just that simple………….. margiesdaughter.com

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