Master the Art of Daydreaming.

pexels-photo-321576The old adage, “One picture is worth a thousand words,” holds a great deal of truth. A visual image  is our earliest form of acquiring knowledge. Our visual mind played an essential role in  our evolution and development.  It is how our brain stores memories and obtains information.We use our visual mind daily to picture a thought or recall a pleasant or unpleasant memory. A visual image is an immediate experience and completely in the moment. Daydreaming is our visual mind unleashed and has no limits. The act of daydreaming produces chemical and physical changes to our body and brain. It requires no equipment or training and it is free. Just close your eyes to start. Preferably not while driving. @margiesdaughter.compexels-photo-914929Start daydreaming to step off the spinning wold. It is just that simple……….



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