“I Break for Humans” = A Campaign to Save Lives……

geno speaks websiteDid you know that human deaths from hit-and-run is at an all-time high. In an effort to help stem this tide Margie’s Daughter is launching I Break For Humans” Campaign. To support the campaign make the choice to practice conscious driving. This decision prevents you from hitting or killing a another human. This simple step also heightens your awareness and connects you to your surroundings. Another easy choice is to yield to people crossing even if they’re not in designated crosswalks. Chose to give cyclists “plenty” of space when passing them on the road. Design and place I Break For Humans” sign in the rear widow of your vehicle. Be creative. Make it reflect the power of your choice and commitment to save lives. These easy steps help “tilt the world in a better direction”.It is just that simple….Your Buddy Geno


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