A Guaranteed Win for All……….

By choosing to win at any cost coupled with the need to always be right we short-circuit our core power. We live life in the pursuit of my way or no way. Our flexibility and balance evaporates along with effective communication. Soon our ability to dialogue morphs into a monologue. Left unchecked becomes a rant. By choosing this path we automatically discard the dynamic of Compromise.  Compromise is quite magical. It is created in the moment by blending the qualities of two different points of view. It begins when we accept something slightly different from what we want taking into  consideration the wishes and needs of others. It results in mutual acceptance and respect. It builds bridges and opens up connections. By practicing compromise we develop the ability to extract and use information to produce successful outcomes. Compromise is the natural path to a guaranteed win/win. Compromise is an  extension of choice and change two key elements of our core power. Compromise keeps us moving forward and well connected to others. It is just that simple.           Now that is Power………………………………………..

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