Conversations with My Mother

Y is a crooked letter…………………..

As soon as I started to speak, I knew that my words were valued, heard and most importantly counted. I  learned this valuable life lesson at the knee of my Mother Margie. She often told this story defining the dynamic always in motion between us. It was told for my benefit as she watched my face and reactions. I savored every word as we both swelled with pride. The story goes “When I tell  my  daughter to do something her hand raised in the air in that all-knowing salute. She says “Why Mother” and so I was launched on the road to discovering my own voice and the power it held for me.
She would listen intently giving serious consideration to my words and quest for answers. Sometimes, I could sense both her bemusement and frustration as I fired off question after question all while shadowing her around.  Regardless of the explanation given. I wanted to know more repeatedly asking  “but why? but why? but why? Finally, she would look me straight in the eyes. Half laughing half serious she would say, “Because Y is a crooked letter”. Temporarily satisfied, I would wander off to contemplate exactly how Y could be a crooked letter. It was like contemplating the secrets of the universe.  My quests for answers provided me with the opportunity to seek my own counsel and draw my own conclusions. I was learning how to think.  My imagination and creativity were unleashed. I still take time daily to contemplate Y to seek solutions, find answers and listen to my own counsel. My Mother Margie encouraged all to explore, question and discover on all fronts. I was never told what to do. I was taught how to think. Thanks Mom……

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