Save Elephants! Ban the Legal and Illegal Ivory Trade.

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Help stop the killing of  these Sacred Beings…
The United Kingdom (UK) Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs is implementing a near-total ivory ban.This step is an urgent response to stop the dramatic decline of elephant populations throughout the world.Countries with domestic ivory markets fuel elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade. Enforcement measures to close these markets is a matter of great urgency. Legal ivory markets lead to parallel illegal market because ivory from recently killed elephants is made to look like old ivory. The sale and trade of old ivory is legal in many countries. During the British colonial era over a million elephants were killed to feed British’s demand for ivory ornaments, piano keys,billiard balls and cutlery. Trade data indicates that the UK is still the world’s largest exporter of legal ivory. The majority goes to Asian destinations like China and Hong Kong. Please share and help stop the senseless killing of these Majestic Beings.

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