Protecting Mother Earth and Her People = Earthjustice………

planet earth
Help Save Mother Earth
Earthjustice is the foremost public interest and environmental law organization dedicated to protecting our planet and the rights of people to a healthy environment. This stellar organization is behind nearly every major environmental victory. Their legal work has saved irreplaceable wild lands. Cleaned up the air we breathe. Protected countless species on the brink of extinction. Secured historic limits on our nation’s worst polluting industries and  stop global warming. Earthjustice does all of this and much more with the generous support and contributions of people. Earthjustice is a 501(c) 3 non-profit committed to transparency and efficiency. Charity Navigator has awarded them their top rating for more than a decade. Visit their spectacular website to connect with and support their Mission. Margie’s Daughter places them on our Wall of Heroes. DONATE to help save Mother Earth. It is just that simple………………..

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