Conversations with my Mother

Girl You Better Slow Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

giphy[1]As the entire world is brought to a halt. I keep hearing my Mother’s voice and powerful words “Girl You Better Slow Down”. They would ring out as I speed past her with my feet never touching the ground. She was firing a warning flare. That I was short-circuiting my power to sense the danger signals and road blocks that lie ahead. Her voice and tone brought me to an immediate halt. She delivered her words simply and directly with no judgments,advice or lectures.I received an instant bolt of wisdom to slow down and examine where I was heading and why. It gave me an opportunity to formulate new strategies to produce better outcomes.My Mother’s words still resonate in every cell of my body. Those simple words enable me to stand and think on my feet and to take time to discover new and better paths to walk upon. Sometimes, we have to step off the spinning world to discover better solutions. It is just that simple. Thanks Mom for raising me ahead of the curve and outside the box. I am eternally grateful.