Hate Destroys Our Health & Poisons The World ……….

giphy-downsized-large[1]I have come to the realization. That hate takes a lot more energy than Love with no benefits for the giver or receiver.The act of hate floods our blood  stream with a steady flow of stress hormones. The ones that clog arteries and damage hearts. Hate’s by-product anger and violence elevates blood pressure and destroys digestion systems. The act of hate often results in physical injury to the giver and receiver. Hate bombards  the brain and nervous system with non stop thoughts of revenge and violence destroying any opportunity to rest or recharge. Now, Love on the other hand is free-flowing and light. An act of Love produces instant feelings of joy and warmth for the giver and receiver. Love releases a steady flow of feel good hormones into our blood stream.Powerful hormones that support our immune and circulatory system including our heart. This simple act of Love makes our brain and body feel great! Make the choice to give yourself and the World the gift of Love. It is the perfect remedy and cure for hate,anger and violence.Try it. You may even lower your blood pressure. 
Remember, the pandemic is the great equalizer. We are all walking the same path together. It is just that simple…………………………………..