Wall of Heroes

The American Revolution A War of Inclusion…..

tree of peace

As we celebrate July 4th and founding of our Great Nation, thoughts of inclusion keep resonating in my mind. Did you know that Six Native American Nations created the Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth?  The Confederation included the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca and Tuscarora. These nations established a government dedicated to life, liberty and happiness for all. It was governed by a constitution, The Great Law of Peace. The league’s Great Council created their Constitution. So vivid were their examples of democratic self-government that many historians have argued that the Great Law of Peace directly inspired the American Constitution. The Tree of Peace pictured here was the symbol of their Democracy. Make note of the American eagle at the top of the tree.Did you know that The Oneida Nation was America’s first ally in the Revolutionary War?
Recently to further demonstrate their commitment and shared history with our Founding Fathers. The Oneida’s donated $10 million to The American Revolution Museum in Philadelphia. The Museum presents multiple historical perspectives through the eyes of people who lived during the Revolution.The Museum’s Mission is to empower people to think critically, understand and respect the views of others. Inspiring people to make positive changes in their community and beyond. Another act of inclusion that supported our Great  Nation fight for freedom are the 9,000 African American soldiers who served.Visit the Museum’s website https://www.amrevmuseum.org/. Discover  the collective effort that created the worlds greatest Democracy. Let us all celebrate with pride this July 4th that inclusion brought forth the birth of our Great Nation……margiesdaughter.com