Wall of Heroes

Donate To Visiting Nurse COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund………….

giphy[1]For well over 100 years the Visiting Nurse Association has been at the forefront in preparing, protecting and helping people.They have been on the front lines assisting communities and the most vulnerable threatened by polio, tuberculosis, measles, influenza, and HIV. VNA staff are now on the front lines, caring for COVID-19 patients in their homes and in facilities.Over 2,000 clinical staff have been specially trained to provide  care during this pandemic. The VNA has equipped them with personal protective equipment including masks, gloves, gowns, face shields and hand sanitizer. Special Infection Control training and daily symptom checks insure care givers safety and protect their patients and families.Join the fight against COVID-19. Just click on the following link.Make a tax-deductible donation to the VNA Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund TODAY. Support the VNA superheroes,dedicated doctors, nurses and clinicians caring for COVID-19 patients in their homes and the community.Let them know we are walking along side of them.It is just that simple…margiesdaughter.com