Whales Stay Connected With a Common Song………….


Whales  Experts in Communication…….
In the Atlantic and Pacific oceans whales strive to stay connected by singing the same song. When a new verse is added by one. All the other whales add it and immediately start singing it. Whales actively work at keeping their community bond strong. They fortify it with ever evolving communication patterns and songs. Whales never repeat old patterns.They continually strive to find new and better ways to communicate with one another.Now here is the really cool part. Whales that dwell in the different oceans of the world sing entirely different songs. Yet when they  swim the depths of the different oceans. Whales actively seek a common pitch  to form a bond with other Whales. Humans can learn many lesson from the behavior and intellect of Whales. Especially, how to find a common pitch to unite us and keep us communicating. It is just that simple…