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cropped-logo-margies-daughter-19353582-1523276604318For over 40 years My Sisters’ Place (MSP) has diligently worked to end domestic violence and human trafficking. It is their mission to create a world in which every individual has the basic human right to be free from gender-based violence and to engage in relationships based on the principles of respect, equality, and safety.
MSP’s specialized Human Trafficking program grew out of the knowledge that the patterns of abuse are common to both domestic violence and human trafficking. MSP is at the forefront of a community wide response to human trafficking across our county and beyond.
MSP provides access to a confidentially located emergency shelter. MSP has a 24/7 Hotline 800-298-7233 (safe). During the covid-19 pandemic, MSP continues to accept new residents following all mandated safety guidelines and protocols. MSP also provide specially designed programs to reach youth, parents, and adults that work with youth to identify abuse and learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships.
Their Center for Legal Services (CLS) serves survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. CLS Attorneys provide free, trauma informed legal representation to clients of all genders in a supportive and judgment free environment.Explore and connect to their Mission.Visit their spectacular interactive website mspny.org. Donations are welcomed and easy to make. Experience the full scope, power, impact of their work. We place My Sister’s Place on our Wall of Heroes for all to see and support. We thank them for tilting the word in a better direction.  margiesdaughter.com