"Help Tilt The World In A Better Direction"

Healing Species =Teaching Compassion, Preventing Violence, and Changing Lives Through Rescued Dogs…..

dogsHealing Species is the only program in the world rescuing dogs of “last resort”. Dogs that are languishing at the end of a logging chain, or being eaten alive from the inside out with intestinal worms. Shelter dogs that are unseen and unheard. They rehabilitate them at their Sanctuary for adoption or to serve as ambassador classroom dogs for their award winning, nationally acclaimed compassion education and violence intervention curriculum for schools and prison. Healing Species was founded in 1999 by attorney Cheri Brown Thompson in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She started her Mission with a single rescued dog and the fervent belief that teaching empathy breaks the cycle of violence. As part of Healing Species Mission to end violence, prison inmate are trained to become dog handlers. They are paired with abused and neglected dogs in need of socialization prior to adoption. This powerful connection transforms the lives of both the handlers and dogs. Connect and support their innovative and proven Mission and programs @healingspecies.org.  Experience the power of empathy to break the cycle of violence and transform lives. Healing Species is truly tilting the world in a new and better direction. It is just that simple…. margiesdaughter.com

Hard to Wrap but Easy to Give = Donate = Give the Gift of Transformation…

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