Peel Away the Adult Layers = The Perfect Holiday Gift……………..


I have made a great discovery as a result of the pandemic. The slowing down of the world has peeled away my adult layers. I have rediscovered my power to experience the simple wonders and joys of life. The site of a Monarch Butterfly sends my heart and soul fluttering. The pandemic has given me a great gift. I have reconnected with the wonderments of being a child seeing and experiencing the world for the first time. So, take advantage of the slow down.  Start the process  of peeling away your adult layers. Give yourself permission to open up. Allow yourself to experience the simple joys of living. Reach out with both hands and reconnect to the wonderment of being a child. Embrace the uncomplicated simplicity of seeing the world for the first time. Experience a powerful connection that nurtures our heart and comforts our soul. Make the choice to give yourself the perfect holiday gift. Besides its free.  It is just that simple.