Conversations with My Mother

A Mother’s Son versus A Mama’s Boy = A Life Lesson in Power…..

Since I was the seeker. I asked My Mother. How is a Mother’s Son different from a Mama’s Boy? Her response and tone had no judgment. A Mama’s Boy is raised to meet his Mothers’ needs. He is given only one leg to stand upon. Therefore, he remains a boy his entire life. He lives life waiting to be served and cared for on all levels. Since, he was never given the power of his voice. He spends his entire life screaming and shouting to be heard. Respect for others continually gets away from him with women experiencing the worst consequences. Remember, a Father can also produce the same results for the exact same reason. A son with just one leg to stand on who remains a boy his entire life. It is just that simple. Thanks Mom for teaching me to think and giving me the space to