Fraidy Reiss Warrior=Unchained At Last

Fraidy Reiss is a forced-marriage survivor who was denied reproductive, financial and legal rights. Through her courage and fortitude escaped with her two daughters. This was all done without the support of her family or community. She is dedicated to helping women and girls resist or escape arranged/forced marriages and rebuild their lives. She is the founder of Unchained At Last. Unchained provides a full range of support services to help women and girls rebuild their lives. It is the only organization in the United States that promotes and produces changes to social policy, legal rights and legislation to end arranged/forced marriage. Fraidy was trapped in an abusive marriage for 12 years. A forced/arranged marriage to a total stranger. One week after her wedding she discovered he was violent. Visit Unchained @unchainedatlast.org Connect and support their Mission. Donate. Help end arranged/forced marriages. Move these abuses from the shadows into the day light. Fraidy Reiss warrior and angel is living proof that Heroes live and walk among us. margiesdaughter.com 

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