Conversations with My Mother

Girl You Better Slow Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the entire world is brought to a halt by the pandemic. I keep hearing my Mother’s words “Girl You Better Slow Down”. They would ring out as I speed past her. My feet never touching the ground. She was firing a warning flare. To alert me to the dangers and road blocks that lie ahead. I received an instant bolt of grounded wisdom. To slow down and examine where I was heading and why. I immediately shifted gears. I started to evaluate my actions and formulate new strategies to insure better outcomes. Her words still resonate in every cell of my body. Her simple words delivered calmingly and free of judgment empowered me. I learned to anticipate and read danger signals,warning signs and road blocks to progress. I realized the power of slowing down to explore, discover and create new and better paths to walk upon. Paths that consistently produce far better results. It is just that simple. Thanks Mom. For teaching me that the power really is mine. I am eternally grateful.