Suicide a Symptom of the Disconnect Between People ……………….

giphy[1]Suicide has been elevated to the status of an epidemic. It is a symptom of the disconnect that exists between people, since our hands morphed into cell phones and coffee cups. A significant behavioral change has occurred. A change that has short circuited our ability to make emotional connections. Our instincts to sense and see suffering and danger are not working. We no longer take the time to look up into people’s faces and eyes. A behavior that enables us to see danger signals and warning signs reflected there. Our hands have become unavailable to reach out and touch a person’s pain. These two simple behaviors empower us to pull a person back from taking a final step. The loss of one is the responsibility of all. Make the choice to look up and extend a caring hand. Save a life. Maybe even your own. It is just that simple to tilt the world in a better direction. When we realize the power really is ours.

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