Hate Destroys Our Health….

Hate has no benefits for the giver or receiver. It is an emotion that destroys our health. The practice of hate floods our blood stream with stress hormones that clog our arteries and damage our heart. Hate’s by-products anger and violence elevates our blood pressure and destroy our digestion system. Non stop thoughts of hate and revenge prevents our brain and nervous system from resting and recharging. Now, Love on the other hand is a free-flowing emotion. Acts of Love result in good feelings for the giver and receiver. Love releases a steady stream of feel good hormones into our blood stream. Powerful hormones that support and nurture our immune and nervous system. Love makes our brain feel great! So, give yourself and others a strong dose of Love. It is the perfect cure for hate, anger and violence. Try it. You may even lower your blood pressure. It is just that simple.