Recharge Your Immune System.

Sustained levels of stress destroys our parasympathetic nervous system. The branch that maintains our immune system. The following simple behaviors nurture our parasympathetic nervous system. After thoroughly washing your hands run your fingers back and forth over your lips. There are numerous parasympathetic nerve fibers spread throughout your lips. This simple act stimulates those fibers. That is why kissing feels so good! Another important behavior is to limit multi-tasking. Non stop sensory input dumps stress hormones into your blood stream. Hormones that stop your nervous system from resting and immune system from recharging. During the pandemic it is a sound practice to limit all stimulants like caffeine, sugar, refined foods, and energy drinks. Take control. Boost your immune and nurture your nervous system. THE POWER IS REALLY YOURS. Along with the choices you make. It is just that simple.