The Power of Perspective…

Infatuation is defined as falling in love or becoming extremely interested in someone or something for a short period of time. Upon onset infatuation is extremely strong and intense. Infatuation can take many forms. We can easily become infatuated with a person, an action, a thing, a behavior and a food. The list is endless. Infatuation deprives us of sound judgment and reason making us stumble into life’s danger zones. Taking the time to gain perspective is a preventive strategy to balance the effects of infatuation. We gain perspective by the routinely taking time to explore and evaluate our needs, wants and desires. It is a simple proactive strategy that causes a powerful shift to occur within us. Soon, we gain the knowledge to define our needs, wants and desires. Rather than them defining us. We automatically put the lid on infatuation. Now that is power! It is just that simple.

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