A Life Lesson in Control…..

giphy[1]A crisis is a powerful motivator to make changes in our life. It creates a sense of urgency to move our life in a new and better direction. A solid starting point is to establish and set well defined boundaries. Well defined boundaries empower us to shape the direction of our life and relationships. We automatically become the agent of control. The process is easily mastered by incorporating the following simple behaviors into your life:
Step # 1  Embrace the power of the word “no” and the phrase “I cannot”. It is important to actively integrate both into your vocabulary.
Step# 2 Keep your radar up and in good working order. This will help you recognize people and relationships that define you by their needs. Be creative. Design a plan to avoid and limit contact with them. Make sure to include family members and significant others past and present in the plan.
Step# 3 Launch a campaign to connect with new people who bring as much to a relationship as they take away.
Step# 4 Boundaries bring balance into our life. Soon they become like breathing. A powerful force that supports us in life. It is just that simple.