Conversations with My Mother

“Girl You Better Slow Down”….

Lately, I keep hearing my Mother’s words “Girl You Better Slow Down”. Her words would ring out as I flew past her. My feet never touching the ground. She was firing a warning flare to alert me to dangers and road blocks that lie ahead. Her simple words delivered calmingly and free of judgment empowered me. I received an instant bolt of grounded wisdom. To slow down and examine where I was heading and why. I immediately shifted gears taking time to evaluate my actions and formulate new strategies. Through this process I developed the powerful  skill of anticipation. I leaned to read the early warning signs, signals and road blocks that prevent successful outcomes. I take time regularly to evaluate where I am heading and why. A proven strategy that produces successful outcomes in all areas of our life.  It is just that simple. Thanks Mom for teaching me the power really is mine.