Control Your Response To Stress.

The following simple behaviors reduce our response to stress. Start by activating your natural ability to choose one thought over another. We absolutely can not hold two thoughts in our mind at the same time. For example thoughts of fear with silly/feel good thoughts. Silly/feel good thoughts always win out. Make a list of silly/feel good thoughts. Rank them from 1 to 5 with 5 being the most powerful. The instance a negative thought pops into your mind. Bring up your list. Chose one based on  the power needed to produce the switch. Practice using your visual mind and imagination to paint vivid images of your list. With practice the switching process is easily mastered. Another highly effective behavior are simple acts of kindness. A “thank you” or “please” counts as an act of kindness. The practice of kindness releases feel good hormones into your blood stream. Become the agent of control. Practice behaviors that are completely under your control and in endless supply. Now that it power. It is just that simple.