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The Birth Of Democracy…..

As we celebrate the birth of our Great Nation. Thoughts of the power of unity keep running through my mind. The Oneida Nation was America’s first ally in the Revolutionary War. Part of a Confederation of Native American Nations that formed the oldest participatory Democracy on Earth. Dedicated to life, liberty and happiness for all. The Confederation was governed by a constitution, The Great Law of Peace. Numerous historians argue the Great Law of Peace directly inspired the American Constitution. In a spirit of continued support and to demonstrate their shared history. The Oneida’s donated $10 million to The American Revolution Museum in Philadelphia. The Museum’s Mission is to empower people to think critically. Understand and respect the views of others. Inspire people to make positive changes in their community and beyond. Visit the Museum’s spectacular website https://www.amrevmuseum.org/. Explore the united efforts that formed our Democracy. Celebrate with pride the spirit of Unity that help build our Great Nation. It is just that simple……margiesdaughter.com