A Lesson In Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love has no boundaries or conditions. It is an act with the power to transform us. Ready for that ride is a life lesson in Unconditional Love.
 Ready for that ride  He was the best, intelligent and loyal. I had to put him down. I gave him the best ending at Dr. Rosemary’s office. She cared for him from three months of age. Then as life goes first a heart attack then a cancer diagnosis. Near the end he came to me for long pets. On the last day he laid down outside Dr. Rosemary’s office. I let him have that moment. He knew. I picked him up and carried him in. He was ready. As he lay on the table, I looked into his eyes and spoke to him. He was slowly taking the sedative. I said “good boy” half a dozen times.” It was a rare late September day. He was staring at the sun and feeling the warm breeze coming in from the open window as the process went on. He is no longer suffering. I have set his spirit free. See you buddy. As I ask one more time. Who wants to go for a ride ? 
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