Conversations with My Mother

Dependency A Comfortable Trap….

I was given the power to question from early childhood. So, I asked My Mother. What is the difference between a Mother’s Son and a mama’s boy? Her response free of judgement is a solid life lesson in dependency. “A mama’s boy is raised to meet his parents needs. He is given only one leg to stand upon. As a result, he is always off balance. He never experiences the power of hearing his own voice. So, he spends his life screaming at others to be heard. He is never held responsible or accountable for his actions or behaviors and always blames others. Remember, a parent can produce the same results in a daughter. A child that is given only one leg to stand upon. Who never experiences their own power.” Dependency is a comfortable trap. It meets the needs of the giver and short circuits the power of the receiver. It is just that simple. Thanks Mom.