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tree of peace Native American Nations united to form the oldest Democracy. It is called the Haudenosaunee. Haudenosaunee (hoe-dee-no-SHOW-nee) means “people who build a house.” The CONFEDERATION was formed to create a peaceful process for decision making. A Confederation built on the principals of peaceful coexistence. The main meeting place was and still exists today on Onondaga territory. Native American Nations established a government dedicated to life, liberty and happiness for all. The Confederation was governed by a constitution, The Great Law of Peace. Historians argue that the Great Law of Peace directly inspired the American Constitution. THE TREE OF PEACE shown here is the symbol chosen to represents their Confederation. The American Eagle is perched on the top. It represents the power and strengthen of their Confederation. To learn more click on the following the spectacular guide. HAUDENOSAUNEE GUIDE FOR EDUCATORS – National Explore the far reaching vision and wisdom of Native Americans. It is just that simple. margiesdaughter.com