Boundaries A Powerful Force.

A crisis is a powerful motivator to make changes to our life. It creates a sense of urgency to move our life in a new and better direction. A solid starting point is to set well defined boundaries. Healthy boundaries bring balance to our life. A proven strategy that defines the direction and content of our relationships. We become the agent of control. Start by practicing the following behaviors:
Step # 1  Connect to the power of the word “no” and the phrase “I cannot”. It is  essential to actively integrate both into your vocabulary.
Step# 2 Keep your awareness radar set at maximum. This helps recognize people that define you by their needs. Be creative. Design a plan to avoid and limit contact with them. Make sure to include family members and significant others the plan.
Step# 3 Launch a campaign to connect with new people who bring as much to a relationship as they take away.
Soon boundaries become like breathing. A powerful force that supports you on life’s journey. Now that’s power. It is just that simple.
Live in the driver’s seat….Set healthy well defined boundaries….